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Every Can Counts aims to make it easier to recycle your drink cans and make a difference.

The partnership between drink can manufacturers and the recycling industry, aims to encourage you to recycle more whether it be at work, at college/university, at an event or festival or whilst you’re out and about. Aluminium and steel – the materials used to make drink cans – are infinitely recyclable. This means they can be melted down and endlessly reused with absolutely no loss of quality, in what’s known as ‘closed loop’ recycling. We all know that recycling makes sense. It saves energy and natural resources. And by using resources in a more sustainable way, we can help reduce our impact on the world.

Every Can Counts was launched back in 2009 in the UK by the then Minister for Waste, the plan was to target the approximately 30% of drinks cans used by people at work and whilst on the go. This is of course the same driving force behind the project today as we look to increase the recycling of beverage cans both at work and on the go. It’s been an exciting journey and we’ve achieved a lot since the creation of the programme. We’ve made it easier for consumers to recycle drinks cans and make a difference to environmental change right across Europe, whether at work, at college, at an event or festival or simply out and about.

Every Can Counts was then launched in Ireland in 2012 due to the success of the Every Can Counts programme in the UK, Austria and France.

Since 2012 Every Can Counts has gone from strength to strength in Ireland and continues to make every can count.

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<p>See how much energy your organisation could save</p>

See how much energy your organisation could save